If you are in need of the latest technology, do not look for your ISP to provide it. Consumer electronic manufacturers are beating them to market with better technology by an average of three years. Even with the newest technologies most ISP’s do not have a strategy to get the best devices to the right homes and deliver them to the new customers.

Why is it that it is taking so long for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to solve Wi-Fi coverage in the home? Well partly because the ISP’s business model to lease a device to you that is ammortized over five-years. This is a long time in Wi-Fi technology evolution. It’s also because the ISP’s have taken over the firmware development efforts creating a technology deployment lag.

The common problem for the majority of consumers is that even the best Wi-Fi routers with the latest technology can not cover more than 1600 square feet of your house and this is when your Wi-Fi router ideally is placed in the optimal center of your home.

ARRIS correctly identifies the whole home coverage problem and then solves the consumer challenges of plug and play home networking. The ARRIS solution uses your home electrical wiring as a network path to your ARRIS Wi-Fi router allowing you to just plug in additional ARRIS Wi-Fi APs into any electrical outlet to extend your wireless coverage in your home. This solves for the coverage/throughput tradeoffs seen in a majority of Wi-Fi extenders or Mesh solutions on the market targeting today’s +2200 square foot home.

You can trust your ISP has the best solution, or venture out into the consumer electronics jungle. As the best CE Wi-Fi Routers are commonly in the $200 – $400 price range, I would suggest you not rely on Amazon reviews or your Best Buy sales guy. Smallnetbuilder.com provides a very precise and scientific testing of most Wi-Fi routers along with consumer-centric recommendations and summary analysis.

Solving for performance, reliability, selfhealing, security and whole home coverage should be the imperative then you can look for value-add features like time management controls per device and traffic reporting.