Not an exhaustive list and missing some of the basics like Rally, Figma but a very comprehensive list and objective review of tools for your toolbox.

Mindmapping: For organizing concepts in related groupings at the beginning of the ideation process

Flowcharts & Diagrams: For doing high-level process mapping and rough sketching

User Research: For doing qualitative and quantitative research on users and personas to validate concepts

Roadmapping: For organizing and prioritizing product roadmaps, strategy, and releases

Wireframing: For creating low-fidelity product mockups prior to visual design

Prototyping: For creating high-fidelity product prototypes after designing but prior to writing code

Usability Testing: For getting and analyzing user feedback on prototypes and pre-release versions

Agile Project Management: For managing an active product management process in an agile workflow

A/B Testing: For testing different versions of features and copy to optimize your product

Heatmapping & Session Recording: For recording and analyzing individual user sessions and clicking / scrolling

Analytics: For analyzing and optimizing your full customer journey – the most critical part of the process

Source: The 87 Most Essential Tools For Data-Driven Product Managers – Indicative

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