Source: Booz & Company
Source: Booz & Company

Need Seekers and Technology are historically leveraged more frequently for innovation, but market reader themes are usually backed by broader political, economic or social change and historically have generated large waves of disruption. While we are all mindful of bandwagon hype understanding how to market decipher the requirements of a thematic opportunity is an important element of innovation.

Innovation has multiple dimensions
• How you think
• How you communicate
• How you find problems
• How you solve them
• How you scope solutions
• How you deliver solutions
• How you adapt solutions

Start by building consensus
• What is innovation?
• What is customer value?
• What is our value prop? (Market, Need, Approach, Benefits, Cost compared to Alternatives, Desired Outcomes)

Then practice Innovation exercises daily to improve collaboration, feedback, pragmatism, improvisation and visualization skills


A few of my top thematic picks for those looking for cambrian moments.

3D Printing (DNA, CRISPR Cells, Organs, Clothes, Food)
Alternative Currencies, Shadow Economies, High Frequency Traders, Microfinance
Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Algorithms, Machine Learned logic, Bio-Mimicry)
Augmented Reality (Singularity, Super Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks)
Big Data (Actionable Analytics, Miners, Brokers, Continuous Streams, Data Journalism)
CleenTech/GreenTech (LED, Hydro, Fuels Cells. Demand Response Micro-grids, Fusion MTF)
Cloud (Virtualization, Automation, Orchestration, Disintermediation)
Content Curation (Collaborative Filters, Analytically Predicted, Machine learned)
Contextual Awareness (Proximity, Facial Recognition, Indexed Behaviors)
Combinatorial Innovation (reconstruction of value chains, task brokers)
Digital Rights & Policies (Privacy, Transparency, Civil Liberties, Data Life Cycle, Brokering)
Everybody Codes (scratch,, udacity, eLance, oDesk)
Holocracy (disruption of matrixed organizations)
Image Streams and Surveillance apps (Planes, Drones, Satellites, Stores, Poles, Homes, Work)
Industrial Internet (Advanced manufacturing, Frictionless supply chain, Same Day Delivery)
Internet of Things (M2M, Telemetry, Connected Home, Connected Cars)
Knowledge Graph 2.0 (Mobile Context, Mobile Semantics)
Mobile Payment (POS Devices, API, Apps & Fulfillment Platforms, Mobile Wallet)
Nano Everything (Tubes, Fibers, Particles, Graphene, Sapphires, Colloidal Quantum Dots)
Open Everything (Open Compute, OpenStack, OpenIDEO, GIT Hub, Open Data)
Object Based Storage (software defined)
Pervasive Computing (Devices, Sensors, Robotics, Drones, Wearables)
Platform Learning (Blackboard, Prezi, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, EdX, Lynda, Kahn Academy)
Programmable Networks (SDN, NFV, vEPC, OpenStack)
Programmatic Advertising (RTB, Mobile Context & Proximity, Addressable Attribution Models)
Quantifiable Self (mHealth and mWellness services and technologies)
Retail 2.0 (mobile click & collect, mobile beacons, interactive store displays)
Second Screen (Simultaneous, Sequential usage, Complementary data, Companion apps)
Shared, Gift, Barter Economies (homes, cars, luxury brands, services)
Smart Car (Connected, Self-Driving, Data Enabled)
Smart Home (Connected, Automated, Sensor’d and Surveilled)
Social Graph 2.0 (federated apps, social capital, trust brokers, anonymity)

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