The focus of our research coverage is the changing economics of content, both online and offline. This report calculates the economic upside and risks for the incumbent TV ecosystem as well as the nascent online premium video ecosystem that seeks to replace it. It also highlights key datapoints that impact valuations and looks around the corner at what’s next.future of tvA must read for those interested in the video content creation and distribution eco-system. Key insights in the economics of content creation, bundling and advertising. Lots of influencing factors at play. Here are a few content marketplace disruptions you should keep on the radar.

1. Aereo’s zero dollar retransmission cost model
2. Apple and Dish tuning into consumers with no commercials
3. Google, Intel and Apple ability to negotiate smaller package lineups
4. Netflix, Direct TV, Amazon, and You Tubes content creation venues
5. Cable companies rush to compete outside franchise footprint
6. Localized sports networks growing leverage
7. Time Warner pay for play incentive battles
8. Cablevisions precedent setting battle with Viacomm

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