After a few weeks of post mortem analysis from Apples WWDC 2013 I find it interesting that the main stream media has made minimal mention of the 1:52 second intro to the Keynote for the conference. Its no secret that Apple has understandably struggled with its corporate identity and mission in a post Steve Jobs era. Enduring endless criticism for every bug, glitch, horrible UX pattern, miss-step and there have been more than a few. I find it refreshing that the company has proclaimed “what matters” and why they will continue to do what they do. Sorry @pschiller you are not always the most innovative, and certainly not always the best experience. BTW @TimCookAppleCEO Google is not your enemy, its your corporate culture, conscious and heart but I think you know that. Apple seems to get it, striving for emotionally relevant experiences guided by the same interdependent idealism that Jobs occasionally found. Apple has proclaimed themselves as enlightened and striving for brand love in a hyper connected world. Being the most emotionally needy company on the planet is what could fuel them towards greater things. As a product guy I know you have to find your motivation in what ever gets you the best mileage! Swing for the fences Apple, fill that deep void but start doing it with more reckless abandonment!

Take a look at the intro to the WWDC Keynote

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