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Out of The Box meets Over The Top

Sony Introduces Google Internet TV And Blu-ray Player – HotHardware

Most interesting to the incumbents like Cable, AT&T and Verizon but also to the OTT players like Netflix, Amazon, and device manufacturers like Tivo, Boxee and Roku. Clearly the rules are changing in the marketplace and this will shake out some new dynamics for syndication and content delivery which makes Comcast acquisition of NBC universal even smarter.
But maybe not as smart as having your first OTT partner Sony. With its major content, partners and distribution channels Sony is a major accelerant for GoogleTV.

Expect the wave of content acquisitions to accelerate this year for those with large cash reserves. Advertising device reach is “everything” for the moment and will pay dividend multiples when targeted and interactive advertising is mainstreamed.

Streaming, syncing and linking

With all of the news from Googles I/O event this week and with GoogleTV taking the lead story, I think this acquisition of Simplify-Media may have slipped by most of the media and googleotti. But I believe the Simplify-Media acquisition will accelerate Google’s delivery of a converged cross-platform solution that could be best of bread in the marketplace.

The key benefit of acquiring Simplify-Media is quite obvious, streaming music. Apple whom already provides syncing and linking to music via iTunes and dominates the music market is keenly aware of the benefits of streaming music or music you already own. Especially to wireless devices and TV’s thus the recent announcement to acquire LaLa was also a great acquisition for Apple.

I beleive GoogleTV will lead the marketplace by also rolling out the streaming video. Most likely in the form of a Personal Video Recorder (same as a network DVR) & Video on Demand for the TV, Mobile and Desktop. Integrating in You-Tube, Picassa, Gmail, Buzz will round out the social enablement of media across mobile, desktop, and TV. This makes for a very compelling consumer experience far beyond the Triple Play Bundle or TV Everywhere initatives and all riding on someone elses IP network at significantly decreased cost for Google.

But don’t count the Cable MSO’s or Apple yet as the advertising dollars are very significant to their revenue streams and future. Competition is good! It drives innovation and a better consumer experience. So code on my friends!