Determining market fit is the first step in all great product strategies or pivots. Change is always accelerating as are the dynamics of your customers. You could easily group your target customers into segments or classify them as Growth Seekers, Innovators, or Technologist. That will not likely lead you to the validation of Problems, Opportunities or Market Based Solutions nor will you deeply understand the culture, behaviors and motivations.

I like to start with a basic business map teasing out knowns and unknowns before validating my ideas with customers. The Mind Map below that depicts a major Cable service providers business. Capture all the complexity to aid you in understanding the organization and business priorities. Spend time with sales teams and listen to investor conference calls if possible. Then meet with as many key decision makers as you can to aid your understanding of the culture, critical pain points, and elements of timing.

Market Fit - Cable MSO

Once you have a substantiated hypothesis its time to complete your market assessment by staking out your strategy with Goals, Key Decisions and Timing elements. Do not forget to finish by analyzing the feesability based on your Internal Strengths, Weaknesses required to deliver the product and revenues.

Market Fit

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