Thinking today about filling out my NCAA brackets for March Madness. I find myself pontificating the benefits and practicality of critical versus emotional thinking. Like most of you my decision processes are emotion, bias and factually balanced. Typically skewing towards the emotional and biased sides depending on my personal gain versus loss outcome ratio. Channeling my inner Nate Silver I am tempted to spin up my Hadoop cloud and start factoring BPI, past tournament performance, injury impact, and depth match-ups to spit out a potential winner. But can you measure heart?

We all love a Cinderella story and the NCAA tournament is a place where we have seen more than a few stories unwind. Like most fans I have little to win or lose based upon how accurate I can predict the outcomes of each game, but for the players the impacts are much more significant. March Madness player performances have historically risen far beyond statistical norms. So in this case you may want to power down your spreadsheets and clouds as it might pay off to follow your emotional IQ. I would suggest filtering it with some modest analytic reasoning. After lets not get to crazy and put Detroit up against Duke in the final round.

Happy bracketing, and may your teams end up in the final four, but remember correlation does not equal causality!

Steveofg (Emotional IQ)

Nate Silver (Analytic and Statistician)

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