During the scene depicted above Kramer imitates a Movie-Phone interactive voice response system. It was a classic Seinfeld moment. With a unknowing George on the other end of the phone getting more and more agitated with every random response from Kramer’s simulated machine like voice. Finally sensing George’s frustration he queries “Why don’t you just tell me the movie you want”?

With the vast number of digital content choices available today the paradigm continues. Complex behavioral tracking, analytics and machine learning algorithms all focused as Kramer was to help find what they think you like.

One company has a new approach, and for me the brilliance is in its simplicity. The product is TuneIn. With 70,000 radio station streams, discovery is a key component to maximize product value. This user interface pattern would easily carry over to other types of video content like movies or Live TV.

First select your interest. TuneIn app takes it from there. Each channel has it own tile. The tiles alternate and rotate dynamically every second exposing content currently streaming. Channel surfing without flipping the channel. This exposes stimulating music choices with a non-disruptive user experience.

TuneIn’s Web UI is nice but on a tablet its personal and engaging. Looking forward to the day when I am no longer flipping through the TV channel guide or surfing channels with my remote. Integrating social into this media discovery experience could take it another leap forward.

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