European Cable now counts 27mn high speed broadband users, 30.5mn Digital TV subscribers.

  • Revenues grew 5.5% to €20.6bn, nearly a €1bn increase
  • Triple-play growth across different categories of services:
    • Digital TV +12% revenue growth
    • Internet +6.5% revenue growth
    • Cable telephony +5.3% revenue growth
  • Video on Demand revenue increased 24%
  • European broadband subscribers increased 8.4% from 25 mn in 2011 to over 27 mn in 2012
  • Digital TV subscribers increased 9.2% from 28mn in 2011 to over 30.5mn in 2012

Source:IHS Screen Digest
Serendipitous investments spell a win, win for cable – Guy Bisson


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