Download the GSMA The Mobile Economy 2013 Report

2 Global Market Introduction
2.1 Mobile Proliferation Around the World
2.2 Regional Differences in Growth
2.3 Data is the Driving Force of Growth

3 A Vibrant and Evolving Industry
3.1 Mobile Network Operators
3.1.1 Developing a Strong Value Proposition outside of Non-core Services and Products
3.1.2 Developing Collaboration Models with Other Ecosystem Players
3.1.3 Mobile Operators Co-operating to Develop Common Standards
3.2 Original Equipment Manufacturers
3.3 Infrastructure Development
3.4 Content
3.5 OS Platforms

4 The Mobile Ecosystem’s Substantial Socio-Economic Contribution
4.1 Mobile Operators Make a Significant Contribution to Global GDP
4.2 T he Mobile Ecosystem Benefits the Global Economy
4.3 T he Mobile Sector’s Contribution to Employment
4.4 T he Mobile Sector’s Contribution to Public Funding
4.5 T he Mobile Sector’s Contribution to Productivity Improvement

5 An Industry Supporting and Protecting Citizens
5.1 Protecting and Empowering our Society
5.2 Delivering Trusted Services
5.3 Aiding Disaster Management
5.4 Protecting the Environment

6 Global Enablers to Spur Further Investment and Growth in the Mobile Industry
6.1 Spectrum Measures to Grow the Mobile Industry
6.2 A voiding Unnecessary Restrictions on Network Management
6.3 Enabling Effective Competition through Market Consolidation
6.4 Supporting Innovation with a Common Position on IPR
6.5 T he Importance of Best Practice Taxation

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