1. If you are leaning you are cleaning: Working in the restaurant business one quickly realizes there is no such thing as down time. Good restauranteurs are always preparing for the next rush and learning to become extremely efficient at everything, including leaning.

2. Staying out of the weeds: To stay out of the weeds train your brain to think six steps ahead and triage what task will take the longest time or maybe the hardest to complete. This is extremely challenging. I have witnessed wheel men work 40 orders at a time barking “Next Out” while keeping 6 to 8 chefs humping and bumping in sequence. Knowing the personal tendencies of each chef, the tendencies of the wait staff and factoring them all in to keep out of the weeds requires extreme management skills.

3. Teamwork: Sandbag someone in the restaurant business by dropping several last-minute rush orders is never a good idea, unless your goal was to pick up extremely hot plates. But when someone needs help, one does not ask, one simply does because sometime soon that someone might be you.

So when presented a choice, hire someone with restaurant experience. Knowing their brain has likely been battled tested. Executing under high pressure situations where they have to think on their feet, work together as a team and be a master at time management.

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