So what is Cloud Computing and why should we care? Is the Cloud a distributed computing system   enhanced by extensive IP networks and visualized with Web applications, mobile & micro apps enhanced by Big Data available with well designed API’s? Well maybe but there are probably a thousand such definitions for the Cloud, but the nice thing about clouds is that they are dynamic in shape, ephemeral in direction, and nebulous in definition.

In the world of clouds connectivity is pervasive with fields of growing content freely syndicated, self sustainable data generating patterns analyzed by crowd sourcing, machine learning to quickly discover, make decisions and derive knowledge while growing wisdom for a better life. So how will we make use of this great gift of Cloud that so many have worked so hard and spent so much passion to evolve?

Waiting for a big bang Cloud moment from the angels, venture capitalist, government research and social minded mathematicians, or scientist might be like waiting for Godot. But if you wake up and look around you will find “The Cloud” has always been in front of you. It’s the Internet and is simply changing shape, speed and direction just as real clouds.

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