Some interesting insights but probably not anything most of us did not already know. Generational behavior shifts are pretty obvious to everyone. Time/Convenience = Value equation is also pretty apparent.

Revenue sharing, subscription licensing and advertising will clearly not deliver the revenue/margins needed to acquire the linear and non-linear content to feed the 12 second attention spans of the channel surfing masses & YouTube insomniacs.

The question dujour is how to compete with cable. The answer is by getting relevant. This means unlocking the Multimedia and Entertainment Kingdoms to get relevant content? Scaling long tail content is not the answer and delivering it in more innovative and nontraditional ways is not transformative? Ask Apple, Amazon and Netflix.

My assertion is that Media 2.0 companies will fast follow Comcast/NBC into a vertically integrated model to leverage price points for multichannel distribution and carriage agreements. Interactive advertising, gaming, Network PVR, and three screen viewing are just nice concierge services but without relative content to hold your attention over a significant period of time/day what does it matter.

The argument is pervasive.  Kids don't want or need cable.  They have the internet for content. Why would they pay all that money when they can find most, if not all the entertainment they want and need for free ? Put another way "kids today", the twentysomethings,  dont follow the same entertainment consumption paths that their parents and elders do.  The new mantra is "Never trust the media consumption habits of anyone over 30" Well no shit She … Read More

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